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Frequently asked questions


  1. How do I know whether tickets of a certain category are still available?

    If a certain ticket is available you will be able to choose the amount and you will see an add to basket button (image) next to it. Tickets that are sold out can be recognized when the comment "sold out" appears.
    Generally speaking, we must confirm all orders by means of an invoice (which you receive by email).

  2. What days are included in weekend tickets?

    Weekend tickets are always valid for the entire weekend of the race, that is, for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
    For some races, however, only tickets for individual days are offered because the organizers of these races do not sell any weekend tickets.

  3. How do I know whether a particular grandstand is covered or faces a video screen?

    You can find this out by looking at the small symbols beside the names of the grandstands on the large circuit map or next to the ticket name in the price list.

  4. Why is there no timetable available for some races?

    Support races in conjunction with motorsport events are usually planned on very short notice. They are thus subject to change on short notice or may be confirmed relatively late. As soon as a timetable becomes available it will be available as a PDF download.

  5. Can tickets from two orders get seats side by side?

    If the tickets for the first order you wish to sit next to have not yet been produced and shipped, it may be possible to place the tickets for the second order next to them.
    In any case we have to ask you to leave your seat request in the comment field with every further order

  6. Can I choose my seat?

    For technical and other reasons, you cannot directly select a seat in the online ordering process. In the "Comments" field, you can make a note of a seat request that we will fulfil as accurately as possible depending on availability.

  7. e-Tickets/ print@home tickets

    For some events you will receive the tickets as print@home in an email as pdf attachment. Please always check your SPAM folder for incoming spam. On our homepage, you will find a note at the relevant event stating that the tickets will be offered as print@home. After receipt of your invoice and receipt/booking of your payment, you will receive an e-mail with your tickets as a pdf attachment. Please always check your SPAM folder for the receipt of the mail.

  8. Are the seats next to each other?

    The seats of the tickets of an order are always allocated next to each other. If seats are not available next to each other, we will contact you.

  9. Are the tickets personalized?

    No, the tickets won't have a name on them.

  10. Why do the prices differ from the tickets on your invoice?

    For the international races we have to buy some tickets from a third party and therefore the prices on your tickets may vary. In our AGB's, point 4, prices, we have indicated the information.

  11. Are the tickets transferable?

    Yes, you are welcome to pass on the tickets.

  12. How many children can an adult take with them at the event?

    This depends on the event. You will find the relevant information directly on the respective race page.

  13. The tickets are sold out, is it still possible to buy remaining tickets?

    The current information on the homepage is correct, we are happy to put you on the waiting list and contact you as soon as tickets become available. In this case please send an e-mail to or call us. We must point out that a waiting list is not a reservation or guarantee for tickets.

  14. Eventprogram

    The event program around motorsport events is usually fixed at very short notice, which can lead to changes and often the programme is fixed very late. As soon as the schedule is available, we will offer it as a pdf download for each race.

Shopping basket

  1. What is a shopping basket?

    The shopping basket is used on the website for storing the tickets you reserve before proceeding to the check out. This is similar to what you do in a supermarket. After adding tickets to your shopping basket, you can remove them any time or change the number reserved.

  2. How can I add items to the shopping basket?

    Just select the tickets you want on the page of the particular race. Enter the number of tickets you want into the proper field or choose the amount with the +/- buttons and then click the order button (image) in the same row.

  3. How can I change the quantity of items ordered?

    Click the navigation button entitled "your basket". The contents of your shopping basket will be shown. In order to change the quantity of a product or ticket category, click the field for ticket quantity in the row you want to change and overwrite the old number. Finally, click the change button (image) in order to have the change processed.

  4. How can I remove items from the shopping basket?

    Do the same as above to get to your basket. Than click the delete button (image) next to the items you want to remove.

  5. How can I add additional tickets to my shopping cart?

    After you have placed your desired articles in the shopping basket, you can select further tickets with "back to...", place them in the shopping basket and order them order together in one order.

Payment methods

  1. Credit card

    You can pay for tickets with online convenience if you own a credit card (MasterCard or VISA). Simply select "credit card" as the desired method of payment. If your credit card is participating in the Verified by VISA or Mastercard Securecode system, it will be automatically recognized and you will be asked your personal password during the order process.

  2. How safe is payment with a credit card?

    Our server is equipped with a 256-bit Thawte Certificate, guaranteeing the highest possible level of encryption available at present. This so-called "Strong Key" is also used for instance by all banks offering online banking services. While entering your personal data such as name, address and perhaps also your credit card number, a so-called "SSL" (Secure Socket Layer) connection exists between your browser and the server. This means that the data are transferred after being encrypted and thus cannot be abused by third parties. Your personal data is handled with discretion, of course, and only used to carry out your order.

    You can check the type of connection supported by clicking the right mouse button on the page in question and viewing the page properties.

    Should you prefer not to transfer your data over the Internet despite our high security standards, we would be happy to accept your credit card information by fax. You can download a pdf pricelist with fax order from on every race page or you can give us a call by dialing 0043 (1) 7969490

  3. When will my credit card account be debited?

    As soon as the tickets you have ordered have been confirmed, an invoice will be issued and at the same time your credit card account will be debited with the amount shown on the invoice.

  4. Bank Transfer

    Besides paying by credit card, we also offer you payment by bank transfer. Just select "bank transfer" as the method of payment when you order.

  5. When must the bank transfer be paid?

    Once you have successfully placed your order, an invoice will be sent to you by e-mail as a pdf file. The invoice states the date the payment is due.

  6. Which account should the money be transferred to?

    Please use the IBAN and SWIFT Code provided on top of the invoice for your bank transfer. If you are inside the Euroepan Community this guarantees that the transfer costs are same as you would transfer inside your country. See this link to EU regulation 2560/2001 if you bank doesn't know about it.

    Account details for transfers in EUR for tickets & parking for the GP of Austria:
    IBAN: AT64 1200 0100 4244 5493

    Account details for transfers in EUR incl. Camping Austria:
    IBAN: AT13 1200 0004 0705 2000

    Account details for transfers in USD:
    IBAN: AT25 1200 0503 702 801 00

    Bank name and address:
    Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG
    Filiale Schönbrunnerstrasse 231, 1120 Wien

  7. What is EPS ?

    Instant bank transfer - EPS
    An EPS transfer is a secure online payment procedure used by Austrian banks for purchases in web shops.
    You can use the bank code to select your bank. You will be redirected to your online banking and can proceed by signing a  TAN.

  8. The payment with my credit card always shows an error message. What can I do?

    •     Please try another internet browser
    •     Check your availability frame
    •     If you have a verification code (Verified by Visa/MasterSecure code) but the payment still cannot be made, you must contact your bank and clarify the facts.
    •     If the above mentioned points do not help you, you can also end your order by bank transfer to reserve the tickets. If a bank transfer is no longer possible due to the recent event, you can contact us at +43 1 796 94 90

  9. What does Verified by Visa mean?

    This code is an additional security certification that you need for purchases on the Internet. This code can be obtained from the card-issuing bank.

  10. What does MasterCard Secure Code mean?

    This code is an additional security certification that you need for purchases on the Internet. This code can be obtained from the card-issuing bank.


  1. What methods of shipment can I choose from?

    The shipping method depends on the category as well as the race. You cannot choose the shipping method.

    Many Grandstand and Generaladmission tickets are offered as print@home tickets, which will be sent to you by e-mail.

    Camping vouchers and parking stickers (also applies to wheelchair tickets) will be shipped via UPS as usual.
    VIP tickets, VIP Village and Paddock Club tickets will be shipped via UPS Express.

    If tickets are shipped via UPS, you will receive a tracking number by e-mail as soon as the package has been sent by us. With this number you can always find out where your package is currently located.

  2. How high are the shipping costs for tickets?

    UPS within the EU: EUR 20,00 / USD 25,00
    UPS Europe not EU: EUR 25,00 / USD 31,00
    UPS USA and Canada EUR 25,00 / USD 31,00
    UPS all other countries EUR 35,00 / USD 45,00

    Print@home tickets are sent free of charge by e-mail.

  3. When will my tickets be shipped?

    Paid tickets shall be posted approximately ten days prior to the event either by e-mail or by UPS. If tickets are delivered from the race organiser earlier, we will naturally send them onto you as soon as we receive them.
    If the tickets are shipped via UPS, you will receive an automatic shipping notification email from UPS.

  4. Is it possible to deliver to another address than the invoice address?

    Yes, if you need your tickets delivered to another address than the invoice address, please send us an e-mail with the delivery address and your invoice number to

  5. Do I have to be present in person when UPS delivers?

    Yes. UPS is delivering tickets during the daytime. Please make sure to provide a delivery address where you can personally sign for the tickets during the day (working address, etc.)

  6. I have two orders - do I have to pay shipping twice?

    If it is possible for us to ship two orders together, we will try to do so.
    Should we be able to do so, shipping costs will be charged only once. On your (second) order confirmation the shipping costs still appear, but on the invoice they will no longer be listed and also not charged.
    If the tickets are already in the shipping cycle, the shipping fee must be paid again.

  7. My address has changed!

    In this case, please send the new address to with the invoice number. The change will be noted on your existing invoice and a shipping address will be stored in the system. If the tickets are already in the shipping cycle, you must contact UPS directly.