Japanese F1 Grand Prix

05/10/2014 | Suzuka - Suzuka Int. Racing Course


Statistics: GDP: US$4.9 trillion (2008).
Main exports: Cars, computers, electronic devices and chemicals.
Main imports: Machinery, fuel, food, chemicals and textiles.
Main trade partners: USA, China, Taiwan (China), Korea (Rep) and Germany.

Economy: After suffering massive destruction during WWII, Japan was the economic phenomenon of the late 20th century. The structure of the Japanese domestic economy revolves around a group of large multi-product corporations (many of which are global household names), linked in loose alliances with banks and finance houses. Agriculture accounts for just 2% of the GDP.

The model worked superbly until the early 1990s, when competition from abroad and excessive lending by the banks began to exert pressure. The extent of the problem became apparent with the 1991 property crash and, more spectacularly, the 1997 Asian financial crisis.

In the following years the economy stagnated, remaining at 0% inflation for a few years. Unemployment, a comparative novelty in a country where jobs were typically guaranteed for life, reached 5.4%.

From 2003 to 2007, the Japanese economy enjoyed its strongest recovery since WWII. However, the global economic crisis of late 2008 hit Japan hard. Unemployment is creeping up towards 5%, but, even so, Japan remains the third largest economy in the world.

Business Etiquette: A large supply of business cards printed in English and Japanese is essential. Cards can be quickly printed on arrival with Japanese translation on the reverse side. Appointments should be made in advance and, because of the formality, visits should consist of more than a few days. Punctuality is important. Business discussions are often preceded by tea and are usually very formal. Seniority is strictly observed.

Office hours: Mon-Fri 0900-1700. Some offices are open Sat 0900-1200.

Business Contacts: Japanese Chamber of Commerce in the UK
Salisbury House, 29 Finsbury Circus, London EC2M 5QQ, UK
Tel: (020) 7628 0069.
Website: www.jcci.org.uk

Nippon Shoko Kaigi-sho (The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
2-2 Marunouchi 3 Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005, Japan
Tel: (03) 3283 7824.
Website: www.jcci.or.jp

JETRO (Japan External Trade Organisation)
Ark Mari Building, 6F 12-32, Akasaka 1-Chrome, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 107-6006, Japan
Tel: (03) 3582 5511.
Website: www.jetro.go.jp

JETRO in the UK
MidCity Place, 71 High Holborn, London WC1V 6AL, UK
Tel: (020) 7421 8300.
Website: www.jetro.go.jp/uk

Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO)
10th Floor, Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan Building, 2-10-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006, Japan
Tel: (03) 3201 3331.
Website: www.jnto.go.jp

Conferences & Conventions: The Tokyo Convention and Visitors Board (www.tcvb.or.jp) can help with arrangement of conventions and conferences. Kyoto has proved to be one of the most popular locations for international meetings over the last few years and has its own convention bureau (www.hellokcb.or.jp/eng), as do several other major cities and areas - see Japan National Tourism Organisation for details.


Shipping Fees

Tickets are sent insured by UPS Express
within EU € 15,00
Europe not EU € 21,00
USA and Canada € 21,00
all other countries € 31,00

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