F1 Grand Prix Japonii

05.10.2014 | Suzuka - Suzuka Int. Racing Course



Health Care: Health insurance is strongly recommended, owing to the high cost of treatment for those outside the Japanese national healthcare system. Confirm that your health care policy fully covers travel to Japan before departure, as you will be expected to pay the full amount of any treatment you receive. The International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers (www.iamat.org) provides a list English-speaking doctors. There are hospitals with emergency and outpatient facilities in all major cities. Throughout Japan dial 119 to call an ambulance. Because emergency operators may not speak English, assistance from a local person, if possible, would be helpful when making an emergency call. If bringing small amounts of personal medications into Japan, whether they are over the counter or prescription, make sure they are in clearly marked containers. Larger quantities or devices may require a special certificate which must be obtained before departure to Japan. Consult the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website (www.mhlw.go.jp) for more detailed information. Visitors should be aware that in Japan medications containing stimulants or codeine are illegal. You are not permitted to take commonly available nasal decongestant medication such as Sudafed and Vicks Inhalers into Japan.

Note: * If spending lengthy periods in areas with bat populations, vaccination is advised.


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Bilety wysłane ubezpieczone przez UPS Express
w UE € 15,00
Europa ale nie UE € 21,00
USA i Kanada € 21,00
wszystkie inne kraje € 31,00

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