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Getting There

Departure Tax: None.

Note: Due to the global economic crisis and the increasing cost of providing air service, there have been a number of recent mergers of the country's major airlines. Simultaneously, a number of budget airlines have expanded domestic service, creating a more competitive pricing scheme for travellers.

Main Airports: Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). ( Boston Logan International Airport is located 6km (4 miles) northeast of Boston. Tel: <p>1 800 235 6426.</p>.

Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH). ( Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport is located 37km (23 miles) north of Houston. Tel: <p>(281) 230 3100.</p>.

New York John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). ( New York John F. Kennedy International Airport is located 24km (15 miles) southeast of Manhattan. Tel: <p>(718) 244 4444.</p>.

New York LaGuardia Airport (LGA). ( New York LaGuardia Airport is located 13km (8 miles) east of Manhattan, in the Flushing neighbourhood of Queens borough. Tel: <p>(718) 533 3400.</p>.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA). ( Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is situated 7km (4 miles) south of Washington, DC in Arlington County, Virginia. Tel: <p>(703) 417 8000.</p>.

Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD). ( Chicago O’Hare International Airport is situated 29km (18 miles) northwest of Chicago. Tel: <p>(773) 686 2200 or 1 800 832 6352.</p>.

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). ( Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is located 24km (15 miles) northwest of Dallas and 29km (18 miles) northeast of Fort Worth. Tel: <p>(972) 574 8888.</p>.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). ( Los Angeles International Airport is located 24km (15 miles) southwest of Los Angeles. Tel: <p>(310) 646 5252.</p>.

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). ( Philadelphia International Airport is located 11km (7 miles) southwest of central Philadelphia. Tel: <p>(215) 937 6937.</p>.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO). ( San Francisco International Airport is located 22km (14 miles) south of San Francisco. Tel: <p>1 800 435 9736 or (650) 821 8211.</p>.

Getting There by Water: Some of the US ports that welcome passengers in addition to cargo are Port of Anchorage (, Honolulu, Port of New Orleans (, New York (, Port of Miami (, and Tampa Port Authority ( A complete list of US ports can be found on the Customs and Border Protection website (

Ferries from Canada to the US operate on both coasts. Some of these ferries are passenger-only; others offer vehicle transport service as well. As with land crossings and train travel, ferries are not ideal options for those on a tight schedule.

Numerous cruise lines sail from ports worldwide to both the east and west coasts. Cruises with most frequent departures from Europe to the US include Cunard (, Norwegian (, and Holland America (; however, most do not operate year-round. Check current schedules for up-to-date information.

Note: Alaskan ports may have seasonal arrivals only, and do not operate year-round for passenger arrivals.

Rail Passes: Amtrak ( offers USA rail passes in 15-, 30-, and 45- day increments. Prices vary.

Getting There by Road: By road, the United States can be entered from Canada to the north and from Mexico to the south. Border crossings by land are subject to the same passport and visa requirements as an air arrival to the country. Delays at border crossings are common and may last for hours, particularly at busy checkpoints between the US and Mexico. For a full list of Canada-US and Mexico-US points of entry, their operating hours, and estimated wait times, consult the Customs and Border Protection (

Note: In general, roadways in the US are safe and well-maintained. The US has a well-developed interstate system linking states; odd numbered interstates run north to south and even-numbered interstates run east to west. Many states, including Florida and New Jersey, have state "turnpikes" that impose tolls on portions of their roadways.



UPS Express-szel, biztosítva küldjük csomagjait
EU-n belül $ 22,00
Európa, EU-n kívül $ 31,00
USA és Kanada $ 31,00
egyéb országok $ 45,00