Superbike Netherlands

27/04/2014 | Assen - Circuit van Drenthe


Telephone: Country Code: . Calls can be made from public callboxes, though they're increasingly difficult to find. Phones accept the KPN telefoonkaart, a prepaid card which can be bought from tobacconists in denominations of €5, €10 and €20. Coins or credit cards are also accepted. The cost is €0.10 per pulse for local calls. Telephone information is given in French, English and German.

Mobile Telephone: Roaming agreements exist with most international mobile phone companies. Coverage is universal.

Internet: There are many internet cafes and some internet access centres. Business centres also provide public access. Using the Internet is very straightforward in Amsterdam, where computers are available to use free of charge in libraries and public buildings.

Media: The Dutch have a unique approach to public broadcasting. Programmes are made by a variety of groups, some reflecting political or religious currents in society, others representing interest groups. These organisations are allocated airtime on TV and radio, in line with the number of members they have. The TV market is very competitive, with many private stations also currently flourishing. The Dutch also have one of the highest cable take-up rates in Europe. Every province has at least one local public TV channel. Freedom of press and free speech is guaranteed by the constitution. Among the leading daily newspapers are Het Parool, De Telegraaf and the left-of-center NRC Handelsblad. For Dutch news in English, see

Post: Stamps are available from all post offices as well as from tobacconists and kiosks selling postcards and souvenirs. Mail within Europe takes approximately two to five days.

Mon-Fri 0900-1700. Some post offices in major towns are also open on late shopping nights (Thurs or Fri) and Sat 0900-1200/1230. There are all-night post offices in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Press: The main newspapers are NRC Handelsblad (an evening paper), De Telegraaf, Trouw and De Volkskrant. Foreign newspapers are widely available.

Radio: NOS oversees public radio stations, including news and information station Radio 1, music network Radio 2, pop station 3FM and cultural station Radio 4. Radio Netherlands is an international broadcaster.


Shipping Fees

Tickets are sent insured by UPS Express
within EU € 15,00
Europe not EU € 21,00
USA and Canada € 21,00
all other countries € 31,00

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