Catalunya MotoGP

15/06/2014 | Barcelona - Circuit de Catalunya



Health Care: Comprehensive travel insurance is advised for all other nationals, although basic health insurance is not essential. If suddenly ill or involved in an accident during a visit to Spain, free or reduced-cost necessary treatment is available for all nationalities. You just need to show your passport. In some medical cases, if you are European, you might be able to receive free treatment – all you need is to show proof of a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) obtained in their country of origin. In case of an emergency, call the Spanish emergency services at 112. This number should be dialled when you urgently require medical assistance or in case of fire or crime. You can dial the number from any public telephone booth, which is easily available in most Spanish cities and towns. However, keep in mind that the Spanish emergency services staff may not speak English, although some do. It is therefore useful to learn basics of the language like numbers and commonly used phrases. In such scenarios, try to be patient and speak as clearly as possible. Alternatively, look for help on the streets or in nearby shops. Other numbers that you should take note of in case of emergency are:
• Ambulance service – 061
• Fire service – 080
• Police – 091
• Duty pharmacies – 010
If you are in dire need to get to the hospital, ask for a ride from people on the streets. Note that by law Spanish, it is obligatory for taxi drivers to transport medical emergencies to hospital when asked to do so. Any driver can also convert his vehicle into an ambulance in case of emergency. To do so, switch on the hazard lights of your vehicle and wave a white piece of cloth from the window to signal urgency. Misuse of this system will result in a heavy fine.


Shipping Fees

Tickets are sent insured by UPS Express
within EU € 15,00
Europe not EU € 21,00
USA and Canada € 21,00
all other countries € 31,00

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