Bahrain F1 Grand Prix

06/04/2014 | Manama - Bahrain International Circuit

Top Things To See

Top Things To See: Bahrain National Museum
Unlock the past at the excellent Bahrain National Museum before venturing beyond Manama to find traces of Dilmun, Bahrain's ancient civilization.

Tombs of Sar and A'Ali
Visit the honeycomb tombs of Sar and the extraordinary town of A'Ali where 170,000 ancient burial mounds lump and bump the landscape, occupying 5% of Bahrain's land mass.

The House of Beit al-Jasra
The House of Beit al-Jasra is the birthplace of the ruler of Bahrain and a wonderful example of traditional Bahraini architecture. Developed in 1907 and constructed with exquisite external simplicity, it is built from local materials such as coral stone.

Bahrain Fort
Take a Portuguese-eyed view of the sea from the strategic Bahrain Fort, built in the 16th-century and recently restored to its former no-nonsense grandeur.

Al-Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve
Experience the harsh reality of the desert on the edge of the Al-Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve (with a resident herd of Arabian oryx) before the new developments in the area turn the wilderness into a garden.

Tree of Life

Sit under the Tree of Life - an ancient mesquite tree that stands in an otherwise treeless desert.

The Oil Museum was built in 1992 to com mark the 60th anniversary of the discovery of oil. Its grand white building is quaintly at odds with the nodding donkeys and sprawling pipelines of the neighbouring vicinity.

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